Sedan or SUV – The Right Car Rental Choice

Choosing a rental car is usually a confusing process, with so many options available at your disposal. It could even be harder than buying a car as rented cars sometimes share rates across different models that put all cars at an equal level making it harder to choose. However, the car’s design is a key factor to consider as different vehicle styles such as hatchbacks, sedan, or SUV offer different functions. If you are keen on making this choice, a few points below may help you decide which a suitable fit is. SUV hire Dubai has brought bigger vehicles closer home for all types of clients to enjoy. Rental prices are relatively friendly, and there are good bargains available for people interested in hiring a car around the clock from anywhere in Dubai. This applies to all classes of vehicles, and it is upon an individual to decide which one suits them best.

Purpose of Renting

The first question to consider is the purpose behind renting a car, functional, or for leisure. This is the first guideline towards making a sound decision about the car. For leisure, both vehicles would be good choices as both vehicles meet this need depending on the car model of choice. For functionality, it depends on the objective in mind. For example, for longer travel, an SUV is better as it is more reliable with adequate space, better ground clearance, and a more efficient engine system.

Location Where the Car Is Used

This greatly influences the choice between a sedan and SUV. Most sedans are created for basic everyday use on good roads. If you are hiring a car to use within the central business district or any place with good roads, then a sedan is efficient enough for this need. However, for locations with poor road systems, off-road trails, and roads that are affected by rain and harsh weather conditions, an SUV would be a more suitable choice. This is because they are designed to overcome such obstacles and still perform impressively.


The budget plays a role in almost everything in life. This helps to make sound choices that align with the money available to fulfill a task. Car hire is not any different as there are different styles of vehicles available at different price points. Most SUV vehicles are more expensive to hire than sedan style cars. This is because they offer greater utility and are suitable for all types of purposes. However, select sedans are also expensive, depending on their model and year of manufacture. Therefore, considering such aspects helps to make a suitable choice between the two.

Number of Passengers

The number of passengers who will often be on-board the vehicle determines the style of car to hire. For more passengers, an SUV is the better choice as it offers more space and more legroom to accommodate more people comfortably. 7-seater SUVs, in particular, are highly efficient for many passengers as it comfortably seats 7 people. For individual use or a few passengers, a sedan is a better choice that meets the need of hiring the car and also keeps the costs minimal as it is cheaper to hire a sedan than an SUV.


When traveling a long distance, luggage is inevitable and how much of it needs to be accommodated influences the style of car hire. Sedans generally offer adequate space for basic travel. The boot is big enough for bags and other items, and if traveling alone the rear seat offers additional space. However, it cannot beat the room available on an SUV vehicle. SUV’s have more space and expandable options such as the surface area on the top of a car that can be converted for storage using a rack.

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