What Is Epoxy Flooring and Why Is It Popular?

As one of the most adaptable floorings options, epoxy flooring proves to be an effective solution for industrial companies, commercial buildings, hospitals, parking lots, and so many other places. There are different epoxy flooring company in Dubai that could easily install this flooring system for you in your company buildings or wherever you want it installed. Because of the special coating, this flooring has it is quite conducive to any environment and condition, it is extremely durable and can withstand any situation or stress it is put through.

In as much as this flooring has been used a lot in different places, some may not be familiar with it, and if you are also not familiar with it, then here is some information you should know about them.


Epoxy serves as both a coating and flooring material. This, however, will depend on its thickness. If it has a thickness of 2mm, then it is considered as a flooring material, however, anything below this amount makes it a coating layer. The coating, though, acts as a protective layer and can be used on various materials such as wood and metal.

Preparing of The Surface

When using this flooring material, it is essential to prepare the flooring else it might ruin the whole process, and everything would be damaged and just look awful. The best thing for this is moisture, moisture is very important, it is advisable to prevent doing this in a humid area or setting because it would affect the epoxy a lot and would slow down the recovery processing.


The strength of this flooring lies in its content, the substance this is made of makes it a strong bond for flooring, and that is a polyoxide resin and a curative. These two substances mixed together and applied to the floor, a chemical reaction takes place which makes them bond to each other and the floor, creating a strong protective layer.


The epoxy flooring can be beautiful regardless of the fact that it is mostly used by industries and is considered an industrial floor coating. It comes in a variety of colors and some coating consultants UAE can confirm this. It also can be used outdoors and beautify the place with its beautiful glossy look.

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