Duties of HR Consultancy Service Companies in Dubai

The number of companies seeking HR solutions in Dubai is on the rise. This is attributed to the growing need for professional human resource services in the region with increased job opportunities in the UAE as a whole. HR consultancy services are broad and cater to almost every aspect of the organization. This is because their main role is centered around employees and staff welfare, which determines how well tasks are executed. From recruitment to training and supervision of work, the human resource department contributes a lot, directly and indirectly, to an institution’s daily operations. Companies that consult with HR companies benefit from well-executed tasks.

Staff Recruitment

The primary role of the human resource department in any organization is the recruitment of new staff. HR consultancy services focus on creating work roles and advertising job vacancies to encourage interested applicants to apply. They then go through numerous applications and shortlist eligible candidates through predetermined criteria. The chosen candidates are vetted and interviewed by HR experts to determine the individuals best suited to fill vacant positions. HR consultants also source for qualified individuals beforehand in different fields and have a portfolio of applicants ready for placement when opportunities arise.

Staff Training

After recruitment, the HR department further offers training to new employees on their job roles. This varies between different organizations, as different companies have different policies. However, most workplaces delegate the role of training to HR consultants who give wholesome training on the job and personal skills to help new employees in the workplace. They also offer training to existing employees on different aspects of the job to keep them up to date with new policies and motivate them as they work. Training is a continuous exercise, and every organization requires some form of training from time to time.

Appraisals, Promotion and Demotion

HR Consultants oversee the responsibility of staff appraisal in the workplace. This exercise is conducted randomly over time to determine employees who qualify for possible promotions, awards, bonuses, and other recognition for work done. Employees who apply for promotions or a pay rise submit their applications to the human resources department to evaluate and consider the same. Any company demotions or a need to let go of employees for any reason. It is the duty of the human resource department to decide and execute these orders on behalf of top management.

Staff Remuneration

During the recruitment process, HR consultancy companies negotiate terms of payment on behalf of a company. They are better placed to handle this obligation, having handled similar roles many times in the past. HR Consultants work with various clients in different fields and understand the market rates of different services in both big and small organizations. Seeking HR consultancy firms’ services gives the organization the guidelines it requires to compensate their employees fairly for work done. Since they also offer promotions, they liaise with finance managers to determine new salaries for new positions assumed by employees.


The administrative roles of any company do not always fall under a specific department. Rather, they form an integral part of each of the organization’s departments. HR consultancy services in Dubai take up the responsibility to oversee the fulfillment of these roles in the best manner possible. Administrative assistants report to HR consultants on many aspects of their job and take instructions from HR departments. This helps to create a professional channel through which top management communicates with administrative assistants. It also offers feedback in real-time on many aspects of the organization.

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