Why Is Cyprus Second Citizenship Gaining Popularity in Dubai?

Gaining second citizenship can get you a host of benefits. But which is the country that you should aim for? From all practical perspectives, it should be, arguably, Cyprus. When you decide to participate in invest Cyprus programs, you get a golden opportunity to get new citizenship from the country. There are absolutely no administrative hassles that you face. The complete process is totally smooth. It doesn’t take much time to pass each stage. As a resident of Dubai, it is really convenient and extremely advantageous to get citizenship of Cyprus. The reasons for the popularity of this phenomenon are explained as follows.

Faster Access to EU

If you are a business owner in Dubai, and want really efficient access to European Union, then citizenship from Cyprus is the doorway you should exploit. With a Cypriot passport, you are free to move anywhere in the EU. Also, you can easily mobilize financial resources across the EU. This provides a great boost to your business prospects. You stay ahead in the competition. You get more scope to build and implement better strategies for your company. Also, you are able to save expenses significantly.

Global Mobility

Think about this case – with a UAE passport, how many countries you can travel to? When you get a Cypriot passport, you can freely travel to 170+ countries in the world. That’s actually getting a passport to easily travel the whole world without any VISA! The incredible mobility features of a Cypriot passport make it in high demand. It also works well if you have to travel to several countries for business purposes.

Great Tax Benefits

As an investor, one of your major concern’s centers on the extent of tax benefits on corporate profits and other related issues. You would be delighted to know that the corporate tax rate in Cyprus is merely 12.5%. That’s lesser than most of the other countries. You could save a huge amount. Also, there are no wealth and/or inheritance taxes. For an investor like you, the Cypriot government provides several tax sops.

A Peaceful Country

It is natural to settle somewhere that is far from any conflict. Cyprus is very peaceful. It has a stable economy. Its scenic beauty is marvelous. The country has a magnificent atmosphere to enjoy a hassle-free lifestyle.

Simple Administrative Process

The complete administrative process of getting a passport and citizenship of Cyprus is extremely simple. You could get it within a few weeks!

Seek Expert Advice

Talk to immigration experts immediately for knowing more about second passport Dubai and related details.

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